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Her Majesty’s Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards, also officially known as Coldstream Guards, is a unit of the British Army, part of the Guards Division. This Divion is the oldest of the British Army still active, founded buy the General Monck in the small town of Coldstream in Scotland in 1650. It’s one of the two regiments of the Household Division witch can trace its origin back to the New Model Army (the other is the Blues and Royals cavalry regiment).

A simple way to distinguish the foot guards is to check the achievement of the buttons on the red jacket, which in this case are paired two by two (in the Granadier Guards the buttons are single, in the Scots Guards paired by 3, in the Irish Guards buy 4, in the Welsh Guards for 5) and by the arrangement and color of the feather on the coulback  ( white to the left of the colback in the Granadier Guards. Red on the right in the Coldstream Guards. Red on the left Scots Guards and white with a line central blue left in the Welsh Guards).

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